Neck Health

One of the most important health problems of those working in the office environment is neck pain. However, by following a few simple rules and taking a few minutes during the day, you can protect yourself from both pain and hernia in the back and neck.

While working, care should be taken not to disturb the natural position of the neck. When using a computer, the screen should be at eye level, the head and neck should be upright and in line with the body. The distance between the monitor and the eyes should be approximately 50-65 cm. The screen should be at eye level.
- Prevent direct air currents to your neck, such as air conditioning, wind.

Neck protective clothing should be preferred, especially in cold weather. After sweating, the neck must be protected.
- Be careful not to stay in the same position.

You can change positions every 45 minutes in half an hour and take a 5-10 minute break every hour. Neck and office exercises should be done during this time.
- Be careful when using your phone...

Try to stand upright with your phone at eye level. If frequent phone calls are made, telephone handsets in the form of earphones should be preferred.
- Do not stay in a fixed position by keeping your head down for a long time.

Try to stand upright with your phone at eye level.
- The pillow used should support the neck space.

Care should be taken not to use very high or low pillows. Using a special orthopedic neck pillow is up to the person's choice and can be used if it is believed to be beneficial. For neck health, it is necessary to use orthopedic pillows instead of pillows made of materials such as feathers and fibers.
- Wrong sleeping can trigger pain.

Avoid lying prone. . Lying on the side while sleeping, bending forward and pulling the legs towards the abdomen is the most suitable position for health. Exercises for the neck area should be done every day.