Joint Disorders with Desk Workers

Compared to other occupational groups, the quality of life of civil servants working at a desk is not as good as it seems. It is stated that the offices that seem safe and the employees are also under many dangers. Office workers may have many discomforts due to sitting. These; Disturbances occur in connective tissue, muscle tissue and joints, especially in the waist and neck. Office work causes serious diseases such as calcification, circulatory disorders, eye diseases by constantly looking at the computer screen, psycho-social problems, asthma diseases, lung diseases, etc.

 The most common ailments of desk workers are low back, neck, back pain, eye diseases and circulatory diseases. In the treatment of these diseases, they are diseases that can be eliminated with exercises, physical therapy programs and drug therapy. These diseases are harbingers of chronic diseases. As office workers working under stress are under stress, these diseases are increasing. And the best solution to these ailments is correct sitting and regular exercises.

Here are the Most Common Problems of Office Workers

Shoulder, neck and waist problems: Sitting for a long time and not exercising weakens the back muscles, causes the neck and waist to be held, and the muscles are weakened by sitting all the time, creating an imbalance in the strength of the anterior and posterior muscles.

As a result, problems such as posture disorder, humpback, spine curvature, waist straightening, and curvature occur. Calcification, muscle weakening, waist and neck hernias and pain in general are common complaints of office workers. RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), known as a common screen disease in recent years, is the hand, arm, shoulder and neck and neck disorders seen in computer workers. It arises from movements that require little force and are constantly repetitive.

Seating patterns of employees should be changed regularly and continuously. Another common disease with eye problems is the deterioration of the eyes. Being in front of the screen all the time, looking at the screen all the time makes the eyes look bad. Those who work in front of the screen suffer a lot of headache and eye pain. It causes burning in the eyes, blurring of letters and headache due to moving the eyes.